Suggestions To Fix Winsock.bind Crash Error # 10048

It looks like some readers have encountered the known winsock.bind crash error # 10048. This issue can occur for several reasons. Let’s take a look below.

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    What does Winsock error 10048 mean? Winsock error 10048 Address already in use means you have two identical server applications successfully trying to use the same port on the same machine. This error occurs when you run two SMTP web servers on the same computer, even if they both try to use field 25.

    A common socket programming bug I’ve heard of is the 1994 (EADDRINUSE) bug or10048 (WSEAADDRINUSE) from bind().


    Your company can program the server in C or C++. Your code socket is probably usingconfigure like this:

    // Cross platform error code#if defined(_WIN32)#define GETSOCKETERRNO() (WSAGetLastError())#different#define GETSOCKETERRNO() (error number)#end if//Set the city for binding.Addrinfostructure *address;getaddrinfo(0, “8080”, &notes, &address);//Create an outlet.socket_listen;socket_listen Socket(address->ai_family, matches address->ai_socktype, address->ai_protocol);//bind socket to local port.(bind(socket_listen,if address->ai_addr, address->ai_addrlen)) fprintf(stderr, “bind() failed. Error: %dn”, GETSOCKETERRNO()); return 1;

    If your bind call fails, the first thing to do is check the failure rules. vthe error is stored in errno On Linux, but on Windows you probably need to callWSAGetLastError().

    If the toll bind() error is 98 (Linux) or 10048 (Windows), then thismeans that the port in the city center where you want to stop is already in use.

    Get Error Message

    By the way, you can also get an error message via the text.Linux form

    is nothing more than a call to strerror(). This is returned on error 98this kind of thing most often happens because of “already used address”.

    Restoring error messages on Windows is a little trickier. There are instructions forThe Windows error text is displayed here. ErrorThe answer on Windows might be similar to “One time use of the socket”.The address (protocol/address/port) is usually allowed.”

    Anyway, now that you know exactly what’s wrong, how can you fix it?

    What Causes The “Address Already In Use” Error

    Basically one program can easily listen to a given protocol col/address/ a convenient time. If listening to more than one program is allowed, thenThe operating system will not know which program to send incoming connections to.

    When I hear about this e-reader error, it usually happens for one of three reasons.

    1. Another Program Is Using This Port

    The most obvious reason for the whole error is that the other approach is using the portYou want to be a good listener. With this, anyone can change the port about the programlistening, or you can close another program using the fact port.

    winsock.bind failed error #10048

    On Linux, you can see who other programs are listening to communicate withcommand netstat -ntlp. ntlp means “numeric for tcp listening”.Programs”. In other words, we are asking netstat to display port numbers.(numeric) to display only TCP sockets to configure only sockets when listeningstate and show which programs are using the sockets.

    The following is a screenshot of using the Linux netstat command to searchwhich program takesFrom 8080.

    As you can see above, the solution to bind port 8080 is “server1” which contains the PID96939. Often, knowing the PID, you can easily kill any program if you want. RightSometimes make sure you know what the plan is and if you really knowwhether you need the game or not, before you willy-nilly end it.

    Windows also has a useful netstat command, but it is often used differently. windowCommand word netstat -nao -p TCP | you can list all listening sockets with findstr LISTEN. Windows command netstat does not provide the easiest way to filterjust sockets, audio, so the findstr program will come in handy. Finally,Running this command to display a list will show each listening TCP socket and owner.PID of the program to work with each socket.

    The screenshot below shows a typical use of netstat on Windows.The program is using connection 8080:

    winsock.bind failed error #10048

    As shown in the screenshot above, netstat lists contacts for each program and listens onPID address. For more informationFor information about checking the PID, use the tasklist command.Example: Run tasklist | findstr 50396 will give us the name of the helperfor PID 50396, the process identified on port 8080. For example:

    The screenshot above shows that “server1 program.exe” usually has an associated PID of 50396,so the program will use port 8080.

    2. Your Program Is Running

    This is more common than you might think. Is your program already running? If yes,then of course the corresponding port is already taken!

    Quantification is not always as easy as one would like. On a specific serverToo often in the world, agencies act like demons in the OR Foundation. VIn any case, if you get a bind() error or handle an already used error, be check if your program is running before.

    3. TCP Delay / TIMEOUT

    I’ve hidden the hardest scenario so I can continue. Your intended server programworks in conjunction with then exit it (or it will crash). If you restart it, youGet an overview of address usage (EADDRINUSE or WSAEADDRINUSE). However, if you doeWait a few minutes, you can run your program without any errors. Whatis something going on here?

    I will not go into details (read the special book for this), I will just tell you whenWhen the socket is closed, it can enter the TIME-WAIT state for the type of completion that was initiated.carousel. This is not really a problem for customer education because it is not being used. bind () is constant (usually). However, this TIME-WAIT condition would be a problem.for application servers. This means that the operating system keeps track of things.the socket is closed even after your whole program is blocked. Enoughcause the “address is already in use” error when you reactivate the application.

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  • There is now an easy way to avoid this error. You can use SO_REUSEADDR Socket preference over bind () call. It looks like this:

    integer yes = 1;if (setsockopt (socket, SOL_SOCKET, SO_REUSEADDR, (empty *) & yes, sizeof (yes)) <0) fprintf (stderr, "setsockopt () failed. Error: GETSOCKETERRNO ());

    This option% d n “ensures that bind () succeeds even ifSeveral TIME-WAIT connections are accepted.Still there. There are also very few downsides to using special SoI so_reuseaddr, I suggest using it for most server functions.

    Be sure to check out Chapter 13 of my book for more information on the site.


    If a bind() error causes 96 (EADDRINUSE) or 10048 (WSEAADDRINUSE), this method meansYou are trying to connect to a different local port that is already in use. Usually goes throughcaused one more of three reasons:

    1. Another program is currently using this port.
    2. So your program is running and you tried to run it a second time.
    3. Your program has recently started and some connections are usually still stuck in a half-dead TIME-WAIT state.

    Reason 1 could be that the program keeps closing when you are using your preferred port or your program is using a different port.

    Cause 2 can occur if you run the program only once at the right time.

    Cause 3 can be eliminated by setting par Main socket meter SO_REUSEADDR for a few minutes.

    I hope you found this article helpful. I would like to acknowledge any of your comments. Feel free to contact us.

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