Troubleshooting Vmcontrol

If you are facing vmcontrol error on your PC, we hope this article will help you.

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    I’ve noticed that the ideal VM has several blueprints that were created a long time ago .

    Instead of GUI binding, I ran the query: vmware-cmd remove snapshots

    I’ve used it countless times with no problems. I usually run the real command and continue with the added stuff.

    Looking back, I found a bug related to other post types.

    If I run the command again, I get an error: VMControl Error -999: Unknown Error: SoapError: ServerFaultCode (1604): (Operation failed because another action is in progress.) < /p>

    Does anyone know what this error means and why it might occur?

    [“Business Unit”: “Code”: “BU054”, “Label”: “Systems w/TPS”, “Product”: “Code”: “SSWQJS”, “Label”: “IBM Systems Director VMControl Enterprise Edition” ” , “Component”: “”, “ARM Category”: [], “Platform”: [“code”: “PF025”, “label”: “Platform Independent”], “Version”: “231”, ” Issue”: “”, “Line of activity”: “code”: “LOB08”, “label”: “Cognitive systems”,”Business Unit”: “Code”: “BU054”, “Label”: “Systems with/TPS”, “Product”: “Code”: “SSWQN2”, “Label”: “IBM Systems Director VMControl System Pools for Power Systems”, “Component”: “”, “ARM Category”: [], “Platform”: [ “code”: “PF025”, “label”: “platform independent”, “version”: “231”, “edition”: “”, “string due to case”: “code”: “LOB08”, “label”: “Cognitive Systems”, “Business Unit”: “code”: “BU054”, “label”: “TPS Systems”, “Product”: “Code”: “SG11R”, “Label”: “APARs – AIX Environment 7.1″,”Component”:””,”ARM Category”:[],”Platform”:[ “Code”:”PF025″,”Label”: “Platform Independent”], “Version”: “231”, “Edition”: “”, “Line of Units”: “Code”: “BU054”, “Label” : “Business Systems”: “Code”: “”,”label”:””,”b Business w/TPS”,”Product”:”code”:”SG11Q”,”label”:”AIX 6.1 HIPERS , APARs and Fixes”,” Component”:” “,”ARM Category”:[],”Platform”:[“code”:”PF025″,”Label”:”Platform Independent”],”Version”:” 231″,”Edition” :” “,” Activity Sector”: “code”: “”, “Label” :””]

    APAR Status

  • Closed with unknown lock code. Description

  • vmcontrol error
  • Error The Device Is Definitely Deployed With IBM Systems Director (ISD).Deployment Of VMControl (VMC) May Fail Due To The Followingth ErrorOpportunity Log Message:Message: DNZVMP700E Failed To Create Virtual Server EventCreate New Virtual Server Name As Virtual ServerWith The Same LPAR ID Already Exists In Systems DirectorDatabase. In The "Virtual Servers" And Therefore "Hosts" View, Look For "Server A".Virtual Via Target Host With LPAR ID X. Delete ItTry The Virtual Server And Try Again.The Above Marketing Error Message Is Not A Valid Message, It ShouldPosted For This Error And Is Misleading.Impact: Driver And Support Team Will Look For The PointFor A Virtual Server With Each Absolutely Non-existent Duplicate LPAR,Because Of A Misleading Report.

    Local Adjustment

  •  This could be described as an unnecessary change that attempts to avoid this problem. MVK 2.4.0then correct the error message. To update informationThe VMC for the newer type can be found hereVmcontrol 문제 해결
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