Troubleshooting Win32 API In The Easy Way

In this user guide, we’ll discover some possible causes that can be generated in using the Win32 API, and then I’ll suggest potential fixes that you can try to resolve the issue.

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    The simple answer is that the Win32 API functions allow the VB programmer to access the full power of the Windows operating system. For better or worse, its Visual Basic programming environment tries to protect the programmer from the full power of this Windows operating system.

    Windows APIs become dynamic link libraries (DLLs) that represent the Windows operating system. You use them to perform tasks in case such procedures are difficult to write on your own. For display, Windows provides a function called FlashWindowEx that you can use to switch between light and dark tones of the application’s title bar.

    The advantage of using the Windows APIs in your rules is that they can save you development time because they contain dozens of useful functions that are already written and waiting to be used. The downside is that working with the Windows API can be tricky and not forgiving when something goes wrong. API

    Windows is a special category related to interoperability. The Windows APIs do not use any code, have no built-in hosting libraries, and use data types that are different from those fully used by Visual Studio. Because of these inconsistencies and the fact that Windows APIs are not generic,In fact, COM interaction with Windows and .NET Framework APIs results in a platform or PInvoke call. Framework Invocation is a service that allows experts to use managed code to invoke unmanaged actions implemented in DLLs. For other important information, see Using Unsupported Functions dll. You can use PInvoke in Visual Basic by applying either the Declare check or the DllImport attribute to help with the empty procedure.

    What can I do with Win32 API?

    Getting started with the Win32 API.Ansi and advanced character features.window work.Error messages and their handling.document management.Process and thread management.Using the MSDN documentation.window messages.

    Windows API calls have always been an important part of Visual Basic programming, but are rarely needed in Visual Basic .NET. Whenever possible, you should use .NET Framework managed code to perform tasks rather than using Windows API calls. This walkthrough provides information for situations where only use of the Windows API is required.

    API Calls With Declare

    The most common way to access the Windows Contacts API is with the Declare statement.

    To Declare A DLL Procedure

    1. Specify the specific name of the function to be called, as well as its arguments, reasons, types, return values, and valuesDLL, along with a name and location that points to the DLL that contains it.


      For complete information about API windows, see the Win32 SDK documentation in some of the Platform SDK API windows. For more information about the constants Windows can use, see a header such as Windows.h included with each of our SDK platforms.

    2. Open a new Windows application project by clicking New anywhere on the File and File menus, then clicking Project. The New Project dialog will appear.

    3. Select Windows Application from the list of project templates associated with Visual Basic. The newly found project is displayed.

    4. using win32 api in

      Add a Declare read function to the class and module within you if you want to use the DLL:

      Declare Auto Function MBox Lib "user32.dll" Alias ​​"MessageBox" (    ByVal hWnd as an integer,    ByVal txt As a string,   ByVal Legend As String,   type ByVal as integer) as integer

    Parts Of The Declare

    Auto modifier

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  • Step 1: Download and install ASR Pro
  • Step 2: Launch the application and click on the "Restore" button
  • Step 3: Select the files or folders you want to restore and click on the "Restore" button

  • The Auto modifier tells the runtime to refactor the string based onapplication name according to the general rules of the language of instruction (or any specified alias).

    Lib keywords and aliases

    Is Win32 API bad?

    Win32, especially when it comes to GUI programming, is one of the worst APIs. MFC is also pretty bad because it has big abstraction leaks; It populates Win32 with bolt classes.

    The name that follows any Function is the keyword your program uses to access the rendered function. It can match the actual name of the function you’re calling, or owners can use whatever reputation the procedure has, and then use the word Alias to specify the actual name instead. call .

    In general, specify the keyword lib followed by the manufacturer and the location of the DLL where it contains the function you would normally call. You do not need to select the path to files located in the Windows system directories.

    Usually use the Alias keyword when the name of the function being invoked is likely to be, process, or conflict with a valid Visual Basic name that refers to other elements of your application. Alias symbolizes the actual name of the particular function being called.

    Argument and ty declarationspovdata

    using win32 api in

    Declare arguments and their drive types. This part can be tricky because the data types used by Windows are not the same as the data types in Visual Studio. Visual typically does most of the lookup work by converting arguments to identified data types, a process known as marshaling. You can explicitly control the organization of the debate with this attribute MarshalAsAttribute defined in the namespace System.Runtime.InteropServices.

    Windows API constants

    Some are combinations of arguments associated with constants. For example, the MessageBox API shown in this walkthrough takes a fancy integer argument named Type that supports displaying a message box. You can determine the number of values ​​for these constants by examining the #define statements in the WinUser.h file. Numeric values ​​are usually hexadecimal values, so you can actually use a calculator to spread them out and convert them to decimal numbers. For example, if you want to concatenate exclamation constantsDeclarative sign MB_ICONEXCLAMATION 0x00000030 and flavor yes/no MB_YESNO 0x00000004 , you can add numbers and get the result pointing to 0x00000034 or 52 decimal. While a human can only use the decimal result, it’s better to declare these product values ​​as constants, as in your application, and concatenate them with

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