Have A Truecrypt Volume Shadow Copy Error?

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    Over the past week, some of our readers have encountered the well-known Truecrypt Volume Shadow Copy error message. This problem can arise for several reasons. We’ll look at them now.

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    Most of the IT workinvolves figuring out how to hide bad things from the incident, as well as when they do ithappen because you can be sure they won’t happen again. Although some may call it “closure”barn residence after running horse “I prefer to think of the reason that” constructionused to close the barn door, I would say he does not get up.The barn door may not look so good if you try to keep it closed.

    This should have recently been illustratedan episode I sensed on the client side that is inadvertently related to a critical caseremoved from a real Windows 2008 file server. This was pretty typical whenthe script file was lost one afternoon as a result of a client crash. NoProblem. Just bring back the last save, right? Well roll the dice for this ideabecause all the files on the computer were created at this time of day after a previous backup has been completed.

    truecrypt volume shadow copy error

    But part of the game is not over yet, becausethe patient is using Volume Shadow Copy Service on the server andit was allowed to take a snapshot of this data volume (H: disk) twice a day – at and 10am 9pm We saw a snapshot of bpm with previous versionsFunction in Windows (when right-clicking on its own network folder,Properties, click the Previous Versions tab, navigate to the content you want, and clickcopy to main storage) live. We did itto three surviving files of them, but those of a dozen or so have incredibly disappearedbecause they were created just after 2.

    I figured it wouldn’t workwager with free utilities, we tried to undo the deletion of Recuva and FreeUndelete products, but could not find any files to recover. I only had mediocreGood luck with these types of programs at best, unfortunately they may still have some value -Even though it was taken down for some reason, it can still recover unlinked filesnot importantO.

    Reduce Losses And Prepare ForNext Time

    This led us to -end of the street. The driver had to recreate the missing documents, which was never finished.region, but instead of taking snapshots of the volume from server H, we thought:drive twice a day, it may be a good idea to drive every hour while drivingCommercial transactions.

    Configure Volume Shadow CopyThe maintenance plan is simple. You just connect to the windows server,Right-click the desired volume, select Properties, and then select an option.Shadow Copies tab. However, when we did this, we expandedFigure A.

    Figure A.


    This bug appeared in. point outThere is a problem with the Volume Shadow Copy Service. The service seems to be activatedOk, as mentioned earlier, we were able to access protected data,but some shadow application logs got undefined errors:

    “Volume Copy Service Error: Could not be calledProcedure for the shadow copy provider b5946137-7b9f-4925-af80-51abd60b20d5.Procedure Unable to request additionalgeneral information if the supplier is b5946137-7b9f-4925-af80-51abd60b20d5The volume is supported. [0x8000ffff] [Std = 0x8000ffff]. “

    Research has shown thatthe problem was caused by running TrueCrypt on the server. TrueCrypt is a source access encryption solution that allows a person toEncrypt entire hard drives, partitions or characteristic volumes (called containers) forsecurely store important information. I use it for my exclusive stuff and it does great thingsPeace of mind.

    In the case of my client, you will need an encrypted volume 7 truecrypt.1a on this server, which is mounted as his actual drive (I 🙂 where he isFolders that are commonly shared and backed up using known Windows server methods. It existsto protect highly sensitive confidential data. If the serveris launched and logged for the last time, the command automatically launches TrueCrypt. supportsVolume after password request:

    / l I’m talking TrueCryptA program to mount an encrypted volume as often as drive I:

    We decided to strive for the descentTrueCrypt volume to see if this fixed the Volume Shadow Copy Service copy error.(Figure B).

    Figure B.


    Getting started was easyTrueCrypt then select the I: drive and click Disconnect. Once the distinction was made, the shadow becameThe Copies tab looked fine (Figure C).

    Figure C.


    Then we were able to adjust every hourH: Replicas of phantom players as they were released. What would happen if my partner and I were resuscitated?But the volume of TrueCrypt?

    Externally the same errorappears in the Shadow Copies tab, but does not always interfere with the actual shadowCopy – Backups were still affected. As seen in Figure D,The hourly pictures were taken in good faith (and we made sure that you checkthat).

    Number D.


    Don’t suffer from crashes and errors. Fix them with ASR Pro.

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  • Step 1: Download and install ASR Pro
  • Step 2: Launch the application and click on the "Restore" button
  • Step 3: Select the files or folders you want to restore and click on the "Restore" button

  • This looks like a known issue.which TrueCrypt has confirmed. There are several links to the script at TrueCrypt Forums ,and it is clear that this wonderful situation exists after a few hours of work. The website says that :

    “Thosenn from the volume of Windows.The copy service is currently only available for key table partitions. supportsactive system encryption (for example, a structure section encrypted with TrueCrypt,Non-system, and it can be a partition mounted on a system encrypted with TrueCrypt.if an encrypted operating system is running). Note: for other typesVolume Shadow Copy Service is not supported mainly due to documentationthere probably won’t be any for the required API. “

    It should be noted that toothis basically means that we are using TrueCrypt in an unsupported way,but this may be an acceptable scenario as it suits our needs as wellfor a certain time.

    I was curious if I couldjust work around the error with other methods. I didn’t want you to be able to make changespressurization system but wanted to see if you see the whole test encryptedThe volume when working with TrueCrypt (as opposed to the container method I described) couldchange the example. Unfortunately no. I tried on someone elseThe server is doubtlessHowever, it leads to the storage of the encrypted file medium on a separate volume.of the few I’ve tried setting up shadow copies, but the sameAn error has occurred.

    Learning To Live With Things

    truecrypt volume shadow copy error

    Finally, you can use some barn doors.die and still look crooked, but at least they are closed. It’s not reallya big problem for us, who can disassemble a TrueCrypt volume – make changes to itShadow copy scripts on this server. In fact, we probably won’t have a neckis still changing again. While most of the Volume Shadow Copy Service is available aswe are expected to be happy with the overall results.

    They are interesting, howeverhow problems can arise and how to deal with them. I’dIt was necessary to wear younger and more impudent, constantly tormentLook for a set of solutions – can help, reformat andthen, for example, the restoration of abundance. However, currently the problem of losingvaluable work time to solve your cosmetic problem (as opposed to activities thatreally broken) outweighs the attractiveThe ability to search for a solution that does not exist,as a truly traitor. You must go and choose your battlesin IT and decide where your goals are, as elsewhereotherwise.

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