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    If you have Tenchu ​​debug code on your PC, this user guide should help you fix it. Debug Mode – Hold L1 and R2 and press UP, TRIANGLE, DOWN, X, LEFT, SQUARE, RIGHT, CIRCLE. Release all buttons and the next media channels L1, R1, L2, then R2. Now continue the game as usual and press L2 and R2 at the same time.

    Debugging FAQ Mighty Tenchu ​​Mode V3.0 (2/01)(c) Rhetta [email protected]'t be a jerk, ask permission before posting this.for money. All we need is our 15 minutes...If the client did not receive this FAQ from gamefaqs.com, it is probably illegal to create a new one.Copy. Use Snow V1.1 to check.---------------THIS FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS APPLY TO THE US VERSION OF Tenchu. I UNDERSTAND IF ITWILL WORK ON THE JAPANESE VERSION. (Damn I can't admit I forgotPut it in the specific first version of this FAQ...)ALSOpraise:--VIDEOGAMES.COM without which I would never have learned about debuggingMode one, not to mention wasting time on a ready-made FAQabout [email protected] for letting me try two player mode,Soon my eyes and my brain were very tired. He prompts you to turn them onothers uset henshin (chameleon spell) on yourself to the playerEach one brings real confusion about who is who...sounds good to me!We're doing it again for two players Tenchu ​​(Urban Nights Edition)[email protected], aka Sublevel 01, which I personally passed andWorld deserves only a few accolades for its brevity (as far as I can tell).ball.---------------What the FAQ article says:I. Basics.1. Start debug mode.2. Menu.3. AI AssumptionsII. A guide to creating and saving your personal layout.III. Tenchu ​​for Two Players (Golden Monkey Tournament Official Edition!)IV Detailed lists.1st paragraph2. Music track3rd characterV. Who should I write to? What can I say ?------------------------------------*** SECTION I: Basics.**one. To activate the debugging method: Pause the game and hold L1 and R2.while keyboard skills (typing?) Up, Triangle, Down, X, Left, Square, Right,A circle. Release R2, then L1, then press L1, R1, L2, R2. screenMUST go >loop< and just make some noise. Otherwise, try again. When you are at the endFinally the code to resumeopinions. From this moment (until your cargo isnew level or optional reset) to bring up the debug menu, press L2and R2 at the same time. *Select an option* The package is displayed.**2. Menu: I wanted to include all the latest menus, but where else?what would be the true meaning of adventure? And come on, we all know the language of "cancel"means... a list of type of life complexes and/or menus.*Enemy Layout Variant*Add -- Positively adds a guard to the position (see below, "above all AI")Delete - Places a guard at the specified location.Reset - puts protection where they were set, which they think won't start them.Looking for youGo - Release the guards where they were posted and leave them on patrol.Clear All Enemies - clears the entire sceneReport - Number of enemies, including myself, I thinkChoose camera owner - does what it says, zero is you and the rest is usuallyrooms - guards and so on, in the order in which customers placedyouPath settings - Path layout menu.*file option*Save - allows you to revive the current layout of the guards on the memory card.Load - loads pre-saveprotection evolution data from the memory card.Reload images -- ??Load Inventory Layout - Loads each guard layout for the level.Toggle print debugging - solves many problemssee below for information instead of a map.Play Incidental Music - Play the installed random musicTest Music - Displays the Favorite Music Selection menu.Stop the music - recycle tracksEvent update -- ??updated animations --??animation test -- ??Easy Game - Difficulty level is said to be hits and ease.combination activation.Difficult game - see above*player option*reset position --position??jump - gives you the X, Y, Z coordinates to play with. top down,left/right, change L1/L2; Restart your family otherwise I don't have nowidea what does. My theory is without a doubt that it is the coordinate that is related to spaceYou must continue for the stage to complete.Restart event --??Raise the dead that - Truly yourself*Debug print*Now I'm not sure what exactly it does. You buy "toggle debuggingprint" from filesystem and menu ifpress and hold anywhere while selectingIn the game you get a lot of overlapping numbers instead of any cardLook. I'm assuming they have something to do with the camera, butLeave the complexities of understanding nature on the way to you, devoted readers.To change these values ​​down:Hold the switch while the new toggle debug print option is enabled. you are squareCircle changes 1st value, Triangle and X change 2nd, and down in the air.3. L1 moves our asterisk down the list to make it easier to click on new valuess, while L2 resets them to the values ​​that most people had when they first pressedTo choose. The tools to be modified appear on the left and right.**3. AI Assumptions: When you place opponents, you get a datumThe menu is set up so that they prefer what they will do in specific circumstances.I tried to understand each selection change specifically, but I'm convincedI have not fully explored this area. Follow my current theory.*1* This first menu controls any enemy if you firstAnd destroy your entire family.meet them. Also think of it as the state the enemy is likely to be in when you are with you.ki meter puts a question mark (we can forget each other).1 - Pad 1 - Controller 1 Controls the enemy1 - Pad 2 - The controller controls two opponents (see SECTION IV)1A Trail - Enemy follows trail (see walkthrough for how toTrack)1B Watch - The enemy stands at the tip and spins1C Random — Random walk1D Ninja is the same as random jumps and climbing points - I guessonly ninjas can jump in many cases1E Sleep - Sleep and dream about you1E Hunting -- ??*2* The second menu tells the enemy what he will do when the mileage hitsone exclamation point (visible but not identified).2A Confirm - the guard will stand next to you and look at you as if you were just contacting a zombie.2B - Security begins
    tenchu debug code

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    Code De Débogage Tenchu
    Код отладки Tenchu
    Kod Debugowania Tenchu
    Codice Di Debug Tenchu
    Código De Depuración De Tenchu
    Tenchu ​​felsökningskod