Steps To Fix Security Log Access Denied In Windows 2008

Here are some simple steps that can help you fix the security log failure issue in Windows 2008.

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    This article will help you fix the current bug where we cannot resolve the security log.

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  • Step 1: Download and install ASR Pro
  • Step 2: Launch the application and click on the "Restore" button
  • Step 3: Select the files or folders you want to restore and click on the "Restore" button

  • Applies to: Windows Server 2012 KB r2
    Catalog number: 2751670


    We see the error immediately below“Event Viewer cannot open the event document or custom view. Make sure the event log service has been running or has been running for too long. Access is really denied ”We are trying to unblock the security logs of specific domain controllers with an administrator account for the site name.


    We have not set legal security permissions for the new event log account in the entry


    • NTFS permissions checked for C: Windows System32 winevt Logs – Event log user grants full control.
    • Checked by HKLM SYSTEM CurrentControlSet Services EventLog Security – Event log does not offer any permissions.
    • Scan “NT service EventLog” approved at HKLM SYSTEM CurrentControlSet Services EventLog Securi permissionsty . (You must do this by selecting the community computer account by clicking Locations.
    • Opened the Event Viewer again and confirmed that we can now read the alarm logs.
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    • 2 minutes to read.

    I have a problem with a 2008R2 domain controller in my application. The problem is that when the listener logs in (he logs in internally) and opens the Event Viewer, he is asked to re-enter his username and then his password. Event Viewer opens and can see all new logs. If he tries to check and save the application system with the log, he will have access to a pop-up error message.

    We have 3 other internet hosting servers on the same network and your dog can access the Event Viewer while running without having to provide his username and account information and can also clear all logs.

    Checked log file permissions and was optimistic about complete control over my group. TAlso checked to make sure inherited permissions are disabled in advanced settings.

    Checked the country code and domain controllers’ GPOs, and made sure his team can manage audits and access home monitoring logs on the go.

    I connected to other servers and also made sure the permissions were specific. What they.

    Good! So, I found that the reviewer has local admin rights on another of your current servers. I found this this morning. Also the actual solution I saw through the events GPO on the domain controller. There are 12 settings in each of the directories where you can add a DDL line for a group and give them read / save rights and therefore also logs. The chain was pretty easy to understand when I looked at the example. Now I can remove the local admin auditors, they can still do their job. Administrators

    When you click the security log of the event viewerThe following error message appears.

    Event Viewer cannot open the event log or designer shortcut view. Make sure the event log provider or the query you are running is too long. Access denied (5)

    If there is a delay, “NT Service Eventlog” – “Allow Read” is provided on Windows Server ’08 R2 and later operating systems. This account has been removed because administrators can follow the Windows Hardening Guide to Windows Server 2008 R2 to configure event protection log permissions. To fix this problem, the website can take the following steps.

    6. In the Select Users, Computers, Service Accounts, or Groups window, click Locations.

    9. On the windshield, enter “Select Computers, Users, Service Accounts, or Groups” as “NT service eventlog”.

    security log access denied windows 2008

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    security log access denied windows 2008

    There have always been a number of platform-specific “consequences”which can lead to denial of access and, as a result, to other failures of collecting events for accessing computers running Vista, Windows 8, some, 10, Windows Server 2008 (Original and / or R2), Server 2012 and Server 2016. They the following – in no particular order:

    A firewall is blocking communication. Microsoft’s software firewall uses predefined exceptions specifically designed to manage event logs remotely. They are usually disabled by default, but easy to enable. You can of course do this via the Control Panel applet for our own Advanced Windows Firewall (just enable all one-way exceptions related to remote management using event logs), but the fastest and least error prone method is the command line:

    • Open an administrator-level command (regular Command Prompt or Powershell).
    • Enter the following command:

      Netsh strategy advfirewall set rule group = “Remote control of Windows Firewall” new enable = yes TIP # 1: If the above command displays an incomprehensible error related to an incorrectWhen using “group”, look at the quotes and try again. Some web browsers literally don’t display recurring costs, which can cause problems after you copy the level and paste it into the command line.

      TIP 2. On older operating systems, this alternate prompt may still be required: assign a firewall to Service RemoteAdmin

      TIP # 3. Also note that port 135 is required for event log processing traffic. When everyone has looped this port, collecting alarm events is not possible. Port 445 may also be required if you are using WMI.

    Unless you are using Microsoft’s own plan, or some other plan between you and the target computer in general, you need to manually open more open ports. This is not the easiest way to use it on Windowsdynamic transport allocation for the main communication process (DCOM); However, a small registry change can be used to restrict DCOM to a manageable port-related range. Read the following Microsoft blog post: 154596

    The remote registry service is not running. In many cases, the Remote Registry program is started “manually”, which usually means that it is not offered. Start the service from the provider’s cpl and make sure this method is set to start automatically. The problem will not recur on the next restart.

    User Account Control prevents the assignment of necessary permissions. The default configuration with User Account Management removes the permissions required to access event logs from a private connection even though optimal administrator credentials have been provided. Microsoft’s recommended solution for this is to make a small registry change that changes behavior enough – to allow remote access to event logs through the appropriate account. Fair

    be careful

    : Keep doing this when you are fully aware that you are editing the registry carelessly. If you are not interested in doing this yourself or would like to know more about it before proceeding, I insist But I recommend that you read the Microsoft Knowledge Base history below (it even contains links that will allow you to safely apply the registry to make changes to you):

    • Open Regedit
    • Go to and HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SOFTWARE Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Policies System
    • Add a DWORD payout named LocalAccountTokenFilterPolicy as above and set dog value up to 1.

    Incorrect Registration Notice: Permissions will only be honored if you are fully aware of the special dangers of inadvertently modifying the registry.

    • Go to HKLM System CurrentControlSet Control SecurePipeServers winreg AllowedPaths and check which path string in the index appears to have the following (it should NOT be quoted): System CurrentControlSet Services Eventlog
    • Also check the permissions for the attached key HKLM System CurrentControlSet Control SecurePipeServers winreg. It is imperative that READ “LOCAL SERVICE” has the appropriate permissions for this key.

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