Best Way To Fix Rundll32.exe Missing From Windows Vista

In recent days, some of our users have faced error code where rundll32.exe is missing from Windows Vista. There are a number of factors that can cause this problem. Let’s take a look at them below.

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    The error “Windows could not find C: Windows system32 rundll32.exe” is a common reaction after a virus infection.

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  • Step 2: Launch the application and click on the "Restore" button
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  • It can control any Windows computer, from Windows 10 to XP.

    This rundll32 error message can only appear on startup when you try to open certain items in the control panel. I recently saw this error on a client machine and usually I can fix it.

    Why The Error Message Appears

    What is runtime error in rundll32 Exe 309ab122? file errors often occur during the startup phase of Windows programs and can also occur during policy execution. These types of PF errors are also called “runtime errors” if you think they occur while Windows is running. Here are some of the most common runtime errors:

    The actual text of the error message, I would say, is slightly different depending on the version of Windows, but they all point to the same error – the main rundll32.exe file is missing Corrupted) (or a completely critical Windows system – this should be located in the Windows System32 folder.

    In most cases, the reason for our disappearancei is a file infection (such as malware, such as a virus). Then your antivirus software or malware cleaner tried to “clean” the infected track, but it was always unsuccessful.

    In this case, the antivirus will quarantine or remove the launch – good for removing a virus, even bad enough to leave you without an important system file …

    Probably the best solution would be to completely replace the missing rundll32.exe with a new version. Depending on your version of Windows and your level of experience, there are several ways to do this – the fastest is shown first:

    1. Use The System File Checker (SFC)

    System File Checker (sfc) is an absolute Windows utility that looks for missing or corrupted Windows files and repairs them. Check out our article on why you should use SFC to recover Windows.

    Note. A new article describes how to perform any full SFC scan with a specific / scannow option. If you have had a viral infection, this is the main option.t that scans all your important Windows files so that all other missing / corrupted files can be modified, not just rundll32.exe

    However, Windows 10, 8, 10, and Vista (non XP) users can optionally perform an SFC comparison on a single file. In this case, the command could probably be like this:

    2. Copy The File From Any Backup

    Windows could previously save almost all file backups in the following locations:

    Windows 10, 8-10, 7 and Vista – one with subfolders in Windows WinSxS
    XP – only on Windows System32 Dllcache

    rundll32.exe missing windows vista

    These directories contain backup copies of many system files that you can use to replace lost or damaged ones. On all different versions of Windows except XP, you may need to search all subfolders of WinSxS (including hidden and processed files) to find a backup version of rundll32.exe, if it exists.

    If file backup is available, copy this task to the Windows System32 directory and change the computer – the error message should no longer appear and the Control Panel should now open.

    If the ospreyThe cached file does not exist, you can try the following solutions.

    3. Extract This File From Your Regular Windows Hard Drive

    If you have a complete Windows installation disc, you can extract (copy) the original main Rundll32.exe file from the CD / DVD file to the Windows system32 folder.

    This is essentially the best long technique you can read, but follow the instructions here.

    4. System Restore

    At the end, I got straight to the point, because if you’ve just eliminated a malware infection, reanimation earlier could reintroduce malware if you and your family don’t go far enough back in time.

    / p>

    However, if you are sure that your plan was clean with a specific consortium, you can reboot up to this point – this will reset the original replica of the missing rundll32.exe file.

    However, it will also remove all software (and Windows updates) that were installed on the day the system was restored. You will need to reinstall these programs.


    rundll32.exe missing windows vista

    The error message “Windows cannot find C: Windows system32 rundll32.exe ”is re-displayed after cleaning it from viruses and fungi.

    However, it is often very easy to successfully restore it – a better (paid) computer program can protect it from future bugs.

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