Fixed: How To Fix Multiple Virus Checks

Over the past few days, some of our readers have reported that they have encountered multiple virus checks.

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  • Step 3: Select the files or folders you want to restore and click on the "Restore" button
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    The key to using multiple antivirus programs is to use one antivirus as your main protection and run a different scanner from time to time, such as every seven days, to get a second opinion. If you and your family have a suspicious file, you can easily and quickly check it with 46 different antivirus programs because you only use one website.

    How to scan a suspicious file in multiple antivirus programs?

    If you need help scanning a suspicious file with various antivirus programs, check out the page on the VirusTotal site, now owned by Google. You can upload files up to 32 MB, or even point VirusTotal to an Internet URL where the problem can download the file for analysis.

    Analysis of suspicious files and target URLs, identifying the types of malware that are automatically submitted to the security community

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    How reliable is VirusTotal?

    Yes, VirusTotal is trustworthy. It associates most antivirus programs with the scan or file you return. We use it in most cases to check if a questionable file contains malicious code. is a free online scanning service that scans downloaded files for malware using the malware engines listed in the VirSCAN article. When you upload the files you want to scan, you can see the current scan result and the number of bad and dangerous/safe files for your computer.

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  • Step 1: Download and install ASR Pro
  • Step 2: Launch the application and click on the "Restore" button
  • Step 3: Select the files or folders you want to restore and click on the "Restore" button

  • cannot replace the antivirus software on your computer. VirSCAN probably It is designed to protect your computer from malware. Only virscan scans files that may contain principles, trojans, backdoors, spyware, dialers. However, VirSCAN is not responsible for the scan results. While all antivirus engines included with VirSCAN cannot detect any type of malware in a file you transmit, this does not guarantee that it will be clean and safe for you. Some antivirus engines routinely identify files you download as spyware, but this can be a false positive. If you want to analyze an alternative platform and engine, the report cannot show all the real capabilities of antivirus vendors. There may be situations where VirSCAN ends up not detecting real malware, but the antivirus provider specified in the tests is still able to find malware, and/or, perhaps vice versa, VirSCAN detects spyware, but the antivirus engine does, so do it . All of the above examples are possible, so VirSCAN is not responsible for a newscan result.

    Make sure your files are safe by scanning them with multiple malware at the same time.

    Can you run multiple virus scans at once?

    In most cases, it is not possible to run two antivirus programs at the same time on the same computer. While it may be tempting for end users to try to implement what they consider “double protection”, there are good reasons why trying to use two unique antivirus products usually results in difficulties.

    Antivirus programs work in a similar way to the human immune system; unfortunately, in many cases you have to get sick before you can become immune. Fortunately, when there is a problem with antivirus software (or your own computer), YOU don’t have to be the first to get infected. It’s someone else’s job to help you identify malicious code and tell specific software how to detect it. Generally speaking, this means that with the spread of modern malware and viruses, it may take some time before your favorite antivirus is allowed to detect / deal with them, and alternative web interfaces can provide protection before that.

    multiple antivirus check

    For additionalFor security purposes, you should scan the file with VirusTotal to receive infection reports from multiple antivirus programs at the same time. Read on to find out more.

  • File to scan
  • Internet connection
  • Screenshot by Nicole Cozma
    Screenshot by Nicole Cozma

    Step 2. To load a folder to scan, click the browse button and browse for the file. With this file selected, click the “Submit File” button.

    Screenshot by Nicole Cozma

    Alternative step 2. To submit a website for analysis, click on its “Submit URL” tab. As you can see, enter the website address and click the “Submit URL” button.

    Screenshot by Nicole Cozma

    How often should I run antivirus scan?

    Generally, the University of Tennessee suggests that it’s more beneficial to scan your computer at least once a week with anti-malware software tailored to your personal goals and concerns.

    If the file or URL you’re uploading can already be found in the VirusTotal database, you’ll be notified on the Now page. You can review the last report made to the private file/URL (usually a clean report), or resubmit the file/URL if you think a release is pending.

    Screenshot by Nicole Cozma
    multiple antivirus check

    Step 3. View the report page. The files in the “Result” column show how many (all) (if) antivirus programs were able to find any problems. The table below probably provides more details about the program that was discovered at the same time.

    Is having multiple antivirus bad?

    It’s almost as bad as having nothing at all. “Anti-virus programs tend to work poorly together, and when two are detected at the same time, often only one kills many viruses or, in some cases, even causes file corruption,” the statement LifeHacker.

    The only downside to this is the 20MB file size limit. If this reduction is not too large for you, it can make it much easier to detect an infestation. Trying to install several antivirus programs on your computer to achieve the same level of security can lead to very serious problems that are simply not worth it.No effort.

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    What is an online multi-engine antivirus scanner?

    Basically, a multifunctional online antivirus reader is an online service where people can download and buy files scanned by various types of antivirus software. All you have to do is visit the global website, find the file you want.You scan,

    How do I check if a file has a virus?

    Upload the file to the FortiGuard Online Virus Scanner to quickly compare it to your scanner. Once the file has been uploaded, enter a name and email address in the field required to send you a new message about the file. Once someone submits a file for review, press and hold on the page to refresh it and you’ll also see the results at the top.

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