Troubleshooting Microsoft Event ID 17204

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    In this user guide, we will uncover some of the possible causes that Microsoft Event ID 17204 might be generating, and then I will provide possible fixes that you can try to resolve the issue.

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    Attribute value

    Product name SQL Server Event ID 17204 Event Source MSSQLSERVER Component SQLEngine Symbolic name DBLKIO_DEVOPENFAILED Message body %ls: Could not open file for file type %ls %d. Operating system error: %ls.


    SQL Server could not open the specified file due to the specified operating system error.

    You may see error 17204 in a Windows application event or any SQL Server error log when SQL Server is unable to open information and/or transaction log files. Here is an example of what the error might look like:

    Error: 17204, Severity: 16, State: 1.FCB::Open Failed: Failed to open file for c:Program FilesMicrosoft SQL ServerMSSQL10.SQL2008MSSQLdataMyDB_Prm.mdf for entry number 1. Operating system error: 5 (Access denied.).

    These issues may arise during hosting of a SQL Server instance or database operation attempted.Now start collecting data (for example, ALTER DATABASE). In some cases you may see both 17204 17207 and/or errors, and in other special cases you may only see one of them.

    If a user database is running during these errors, that database will exit the RECOVERY_PENDING state and applications will not be able to access it. When the system database encounters these errors, the SQL Server instance is focused on it and you cannot connect directly to that SQL Server instance. A system database failure can also cause the SQL Server Failover Cluster resource to be disabled.


    Before a SQL Server database can be used further, it must be started. The way to start the database includes:

    1. Initialize various data structures, which are typically a database and database files.
    2. Open all files belonging to your database
    3. Database restore in progress

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  • Step 1: Download and install ASR Pro
  • Step 2: Launch the application and click on the "Restore" button
  • Step 3: Select the files or folders you want to restore and click on the "Restore" button

  • SQL Server uses the CreateFile Windows API to open files residing in the database.

    Messages 17204 (and 17207) indicateThis suggests that the error was made because SQL Server was trying to neutralize the database files during the build process.

    1. The name of the SQL server that the function is trying to open, I would say a file. The name function that the client usually sees in these error messages is one of the following:

    2. FCB::Open – statement encountered an error, possibly when SQL Server is trying to migrate Windows to it
    3. FileMgr::StartPrimaryDataFiles: The main data file and the file that belongs to the main file set.
    4. FileMgr::StartSecondaryDataFiles – file due to secondary file set
    5. FileMgr::StartLogFiles – working transaction log file
    6. STREAMFCB::Startup – SQL FileStream container
    7. FCB::RemoveAlternateStreams
    8. Status information distinguishes between certain places within a function that can generate this error message

    9. Exact full path to the file

    10. File identifier corresponding to the file

    11. Operating system error code and description of the error. In some cases, you will only see an error code.

    The system error resources printed in these error messages are the main ones. the reason that leads to error 17204 in the market. Common causes of error messages are access rights issues, wrong type, or the path to the entire file.


    User Action

    1. The fix for error 17204 also includes finding the appropriate operating system error code to help diagnose the error. Once the used system error condition has been resolved, you can try restarting the database (using the ALTER DATABASE SET ONLINE example) on the SQL Server instance to bring the affected website online. In some cases, you may not be able to fix an actual operating system error. Then invite them to take specific corrective actions. We will discuss these steps in this section of the process.

    2. If the 17204 error message contains mostly the error code and not all error descriptions, you can correct the error code using the system startup shell special command ‘exploitation: net helpmsg . If you receive an 8-digit coupon status as an error code, you can returnGo to sources of know-how such as How do I replace HRESULT in a Win32 error code? to decipher the meaning of these signals. . status in the operating system error. you

    3. If you usually get the system error Permission denied = 5, consider most methods:

    4. microsoft event id 17204

      Check the permissions assigned to the file by viewing the file’s properties using Windows Explorer. SQL uses forum window groups to provide access control to various file resources. Actually make sure the relevant [with group names reminiscent of SQLServerMSSQLUser$ComputerName$MSSQLSERVER or SQLServerMSSQLUser$ComputerName$InstanceName] have the implied permissions on the database file mentioned in the error idea. For other important information, see Configuring File System Permissions for Kernel Database Access. Verify that the Windows Group Reality contains the SQL Server Service Financial Services Account or Service SID.

    5. microsoft event id 17204

      Check the actual user account under which the SQL Server service is currently running. You can use the dispatcherr Windows tasks to get this information. To check the value of “username” for the generic executable “sqlservr.exe”. Even if you just changed the description of the SQL Server service, you should be aware that the supported method for doing this successfully is to use the SQL Server Configuration Manager utility type. For more information about this, see SQL Server Configuration Manager. Only for

    6. Depending on the specific type of operation – opening mailing lists at server startup, attaching a database, restoring a database, etc. The merchant account used for impersonation can be changed to access the database file. Check subject

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