I recently searched the internet for a free software tool to burn CDs and DVDs at home, but found that Windows already has built-in programs to burn computers in Explorer. It has been around for many years, but it is hidden, which is why I often fail. See also

Windows offers your business an attractive CD and DVD burning option called the Live File System, which makes your CD or DVD act like a USB flash drive; H. You can edit, place and delete files on the hard disk just like you would on a full flash memory.

In these instructions, I will show you how to easily remelt a data disc using Windows. Read my others if you want to know how to record playable audio CDt-discs or DVDs.

Burn CD / DVD In Windows

To get started, insert your CD or DVD into the best of your PC windows, and you should see a dialog that appears either in the Action Center or as an autorun window.

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Does Windows 7 have a DVD maker?

DVD Maker is available as an optional standard application from Windows 7; it is no longer available since Windows 8.

If the chat window does not appear, open Windows Explorer and double-click the CD / DVD drive icon. Another window will appear asking how you would like to use this disk.

Give the CD a name and then choose if you want it to be a USB stick or master. The downside to using the USB flash drive option all the time is that you can only boot from discs on computers running Windows XP and later. If you obviously really want to burn this disc for another Kindle, such as a CD or DVD dice player, you need to select the option for a few seconds.

Then you end up with a real explorer with an empty window where you should definitely start dragging and dropping the files you want to write to disk. The best way to do this is to open another explorer window with the files we want to write.

After everyone has copied all the files you want to burn, click Manage under the Tools Disc section and navigate to the End Burn option. In Windows 7, you will see an option “Burn to disc”.

Burn Assistant will appear and here you can also select the production speed. By default, it should be set to the maximum speed your drive can support.

When the current burn is complete, you will receive a success message and a special option to burn another disc.

how to write dvd in windows 7 home basic

That’s all! Getting rid of a CD or DVD in Windows is an amazingly simple and straightforward process, and you no longer have to worry and panic about finding and installing third-party packages just to burn multiple discs. Have fun!