Calypso L5 Easy Fix Solution Error Message

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    In this guide, we’re going to find out some of the possible causes that could cause the Calypso l5 error message, and then suggest some possible fixes that you can try to fix the problem. The L5 error code indicates that the lid switch is no longer working. I recommend checking most of the cover switches.

    What does the L5 error code mean on the Very Calypso washing machine?

    The controller should display this important error code if it cannot correctly identify the switch for opening and closing the cover. This error code can usually be used when there is complete disagreement between the motor and the host controllers regarding the state of all switches on the cover. The controller should under no circumstances allow the device to operate in this state. This code will also appear if the user presses the person’s START button while the lid is securely open. Open the cover or STOP / CANCEL MEDIA to clear the display.

    Automatic Service Diagnostics, Calypso Error Codes

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    Diagnostic Tests For Calypso Washing Machines

    What does sl mean on washer?

    “SL” is displayed when foam is detected, but the program cannot remove the foam. This could indicate a problem with the water pump, a very heavy load, too much cleaning soap, or too much foam.

    Name = “Calypso_Automatic_Service_Diagnostic”>

    Automatic Maintenance Diagnostics Of The Calypso Washing Machine

    The company’s automatic diagnostic mode is a short robotic test thatwide and pleasant functions of the machine.

    To enter the new automatic service diagnostics mode:
    for five minutes when the device is in standby mode.

    After a successful start of the automatic washing machine diagnostic mode, the 7-segment indicator clearly indicates The countdown refers to the time remaining for this demo in seconds. This is a sensitive level of pollution Niya for any donor lights up when the control unit is triggered.

    Error Codes For Calypso Washing Machines

    Below is a list of Calypso error codes. Hit the road to find out what a personal washing machine fault code means and why it occurs. You can also enter an error code to learn more about troubleshooting specific types of error codes and about the Calypso component if further investigation is required.

    Error codes for Calypso washing machines

    Power off error

    P F

    calypso error message l5

    “PF” flashes if the washing machine loses performance during a cycle. So the washing machine does not display “PF” when the application is connected for the first time.
    Press START to resume the most important cycle since the power failure – OR –
    Press STOP / CANCEL to reset the current value and completely cancel the cycle.

    Flood condition error


    “FL” flashes as soon as a Odit overflow. This condition occurs when excessive drinking in the bathtub triggers the overflow relay. The control system needs to recognize that the trip was certainly due to store overcrowding, but by your own Sudslock state in the store, so that “FL” can be displayed.
    In the event of an overflow, a new condition, the audible signal repeats the warning for only about 10 seconds without delay outside. The pump will only pump for a few seconds for 30 seconds in bleed mode until the overflow switch is activated and the room is powered off.
    Press STOP / CANCEL to open the screen.

    Processor reset error


    This error message is displayed if the controller was unable to write any cycle information, especially in the event of a power failure.
    It does not generate all error code beeps.
    Press STOP / CANCEL to remove one of our ads.

    Error filling in long line


    If the corresponding water fill time exceeds ten (10) minutes, the water and beverage valves close and “LF” flashes.
    Press STOP / CANCEL to clear the corresponding display.

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